Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Final Program!

                          I realize this is really late, being as our last program was two months ago...... But I figured I'd still share about it!
        We traveled to Illinois for a program at my aunt's church on Wednesday night, and then we also shared at an assisted living home near there. An older couple there, Mr. & Mrs. Youngs,  have been a major support to us sending letters and giving gifts, so we were happy to see them again and to get the opportunity to play for them.
      Here we are with them after the program.
                          This is how Caleb spent the last part of the program -- fast asleep on his chair!

                                           Enjoying all the Christmas decor on their level! =)
                          Enjoying ice cream cones that the kind older couple shared with us afterwards.

                                  This beautiful box of specialty Christmas cookies was given us by the Youngs.

Family Flashback!!

 Heartstrings Family Ministry's first year under it's official "name"! We were living in Illinois at the time and partnered with my mom's sister who played the concert harp with us.

                                     Three years later and our family is larger by two more! =)

                                                                        ~ ~2013~~



Life around here.....

  It's been a transition for us here in this more or less "Southern" state. What a switch from PA! Here we can go to the park and have a picnic in January!
  Here are some pictures of our excursion to a new park around here this winter.

                                                        This swing is built for four!

                                                                  Being goofy! =)
                                                   Back to being at least partially respectable!
                                                              Our little munchkin!
                                                                Walking the tightrope......
                                                         Oh boy, little bro can't miss out!!
                                                 Wow! This big boy doesn't even need help!
                                                                  Enjoying the big slide.

                                       Laura allowed Caleb to help her hang out her dolly clothes.
                                             But, he decided he'd really rather be doing this. =)