Thursday, May 11, 2017

Pictures, Bloopers, Behind the scenes, and more.

Our family and some friends recently visited a lovely park near us called Maremec Spring Park. It has a huge spring in the middle of the park with walk ways all around it. It also is a fish hatchery and the boys especially love watching the fish darting here and there in the blue spring water.


                   The spring head just bubbling up with hundreds of gallons every minute.

                   The boys crawled up this steep bank and then kindly posed for their picture! =)
            Jonathan and Laura decided that our big dogs made the perfect make-believe pony. =)

                             I came into the kitchen this afternoon to find this atop the dining room table. I discovered peanut butter isn't the easiest thing to wash off......
                                      Laura and a little friend having an afternoon tea party.

Gardening Time!

One of our family's favorite things to do together is gardening. Every year, we all get the irresistible urge to work in the dirt! =) We have had an extremely wet spring so far with many inches of rain, so garden work has been postponed several times. We finally had a sunny day this week and we spent most of the day outside soaking it in!
  We borrow a tractor with an attached plow from a nearby friend and it makes our garden work much easier!
                                                      ~ Lettuce leaves and potato plants~

                             Gladiola bulbs poking their little shoots up through the stony soil.
                          The dangling camera case makes a point of interest in the foreground! =)
                                  Laura's my little garden helper, planting bulbs in neat rows.
                             Well, some of us would rather play in the dirt then work. (we won't mention names)

                                                                       Free Time!

                               Caleb just loves the tractor and now that he's figured out how to open the front door, if he turns up missing, we're almost sure to find him outside astride his beloved "dactor"!
                                                    A recent purchase of 43 perennial plants. =)
            Late winter, we start many flats of seedlings under grow lights in our basement. Once they're big enough, we transplant them into styrofoam cups. After placing the plants out in our garden yesterday, Ethan went around collecting the foam cups and creating quite the tower. Leaning Tower of Cups, I guess we could call it!

 Till next time,