Thursday, June 15, 2017

What a mess......

I told my uncle, when he makes a mess, he sure makes a BIG one! He replied he wouldn't want to do anything half way. =)

  My dad's brother and family came to visit from SC. Since he is a plumber by trade and my dad was in the past, the two of them decided to tackle the project of digging new water trenches and laying water lines to outlying hydrants as well as other things. They rented a backhoe and set to work! Our yard became construction zone and a disaster all rolled into one!! Hopefully, by tomorrow things will be on their way back to normalcy!
  The hydrant by the dog barn to make it so we don't have to carry water by the 5 gallon pail from the house, 50 yards away.
                             Oops, make way for the ladies bringing in the laundry! Hopefully, they can make it across the moat without spilling their loads.
                                                               Time to fill it back in!

Moving the Chicken coop, new toys, and baby peeps

  Spring time has been a busy time of year for our flock of chickens. Five mommy hens raised a clutch of chicks adding up to 21 baby peeps. The little ones just love to hold the tiny balls of fluff until the mother gets worried and scurries her brood away! =)
                                          This mother Buff Orpington raised 10 little babies!

                                            What better place to be then on mom's back?!
                                           Gold Laced Wyandote's make good mommies too!

          Ethan's special project the past couple years has been raising guineas. He has four adults and this spring he incubated his first batch of eggs and has successfully hatched 7 so far. This was the first little one to appear and the children loved watching him in his box atop the dryer. :)

  Because of the increase to our flock, we decided we needed a new chicken coop. But, this rickety shed that would suit the purpose, wasn't in the right place. So, we borrowed a skid steer and proceeded to move the building to a better location!
                           Dad couldn't get at the building easily, and he ended up having to drive with the building in front of him instead of behind making it so he couldn't see very well. Of course, everyone wanted to help direct him down the drive and he probably had  a headache by the time it was over, from everyone shouting out commands,  most of them contrary to the person next to them. =)

                                     Finally!! Safely in place next to the meadow and garden.
                                                           Yep, it's time to relax now!
             We finished up school a couple weeks and Mom decorated our black board to match.
 Dad went yard saling a while back and came home with a tub bursting with goodies!! An entire, battery operated train set with all the gadgets that he had gotten for next to nothing. The kids were enthralled .... actually so were some of the rest of us!

 Garden work never ceases around here! If it's not one of our multiple flowerbeds, it's the main garden or else maybe the smaller garden behind the house. We are trying out some mulching this year and here we are getting started with laying newspapers and then straw. I'll have to post a more finished picture soon.