Saturday, August 26, 2017

New addition to our family......

   Our family had gotten a 7 passenger conversion van nearly 5 years ago and it suited our needs very well! We loved the extra space and high roof since we do so much traveling and it also had "plenty" of room for our instruments! When Caleb came into our family making us "8", we hated to give up our wonderful van for a passenger van. So, we squished. But you can only do that for so long and with the addition of my harp, we really didn't have room! We still wanted a conversion van and were content to wait till the right thing came along. After a year and half and practically giving up on ever finding the right thing, we came across exactly what we wanted in good condition, for a good price and not too far away. We purchased it the same day!

It's an extended, '05  GMC Savanna and seats 9. There are 6 captain chairs and a bench at the back. The children love having their very own seats now!!

It was originally used as a handicap vehicle and came with the lift. But, it hadn't been made specifically for handicap use so didn't have the high doors or other visible signs. We just took the lift out and put the seat back in! 
We feel so blessed to own this lovely van and thank the Lord for bringing it across our path!

Back to School!

Yes, it's that time of year again! New books, pencils, rulers and lots of brain power! 
There are five of us in school this year from 12th grade to Kindergarten, plus one little guy who thinks he definitely wants to be in on the fun! =)

  Dad made built-in desks along one wall for our school room and it has streamlined the space so well!
                                       Caleb is learning to color and  "stay-in-the-lines"!
                      Laura is learning her numbers and how to read in Kindergarten this year!
                                      Jonathan is enjoying second grade! (but not getting his picture taken=)

Ethan wasn't too excited about getting his picture taken, thus the notebook held up to shield his face!
He is seventh grade and Charity is in ninth. 
                                                           Craft time with Mommy!
                                               Today is froggies with long sticky tongues!