Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Working at Grandpa's house

A few Morley cousins came in for a few days so it was a good time to get some odd jobs done at Grandpa & Grandma Morley's. We girls stacked piles of wood and a few of us ran the power saw to chop some of the boards in smaller pieces. We also cleaned out the flower beds and raked leaves while the boys went to a local sawmill to pick up three trailer loads of wood chunks.

 Unloading trailer loads of wood for Grandpa's wood stove this winter. Many hands make the job easier!

                                     Crystal and Carrie playing duets in the afternoon.

Friday, September 8, 2017

Mrs Jersey enters the family!

 For many years our family has wished for a cow. And last evening, our wish became reality!! Dad drove to Mansfield MO to pick up a pretty little Jersey cow and her 10 day old heifer calf. The pictures will tell the story. =)

                                            Not sure that these two vehicles exactly match....

                                            Letting her loose in our pasture for the first time.
                  We haven't decided on names yet for our two bovine friends. Any ideas?

                                                           The little miss Jersey!
                                                                   Milkin' time!
                            We didn't have all the supplies yet but we wanted to milk her anyway!

                                     From the pasture to the kitchen, from the cow to the cup!
                                      The End. (Anybody need milk? We've got extra to share. =)