Saturday, October 28, 2017

Autumn happenings and Family Trips

  Autumn is here for good with it's chilly breeze and swirling leaves not to mention all those crunchy acorns all over the yard! In early October we decided to take a  family vacation trip but we always manage to have another reason to go on a trip as well and this time it was going to visit Grandpa Bradford. He recently suffered a severe cardiac arrest and was in the hospital and rehab for weeks awaiting 5-way bypass surgery. So, we headed down to South Carolina first, to visit him and my dad's brother and family who live near him.
  Here are some pictures of our visit.

 We drove through the Smoky Mountains in TN on our way down and stopped at this amazing overlook for a picture. If we all look a bit haggard it's because we'd been in the vehicle for the last 13 hours. =)
                               Truly this scenery gives us just a little picture of the glory of God!

                                                  Visiting with Grandpa in the Rehab.

                                     Who's the lucky one who get's to push the wheelchair?!

From South Carolina we continued on our way to PA and stopped in VA for short visit with my aunt and her lovely family.

                                        Esther Barth, Charity, Susanna, Mercy & Janelle Barth

 In PA, we spent a fun evening pressing apple cider with friends. He made his own press and they kindly sent us home with a few gallons of fresh pressed cider!!

 Ethan celebrated his 12th birthday while we were in PA and our friends threw a large hot-dog roast/party for him. It was getting dark there in the woods so the photography isn't the greatest. =)

 These are just some random pictures of life around here lately.
                                                               Such as......School!
                               And sneaking apples in the pantry when you think no one's looking!
                                                                   Selfies with Dad.
Jonathan was recently gifted a guitar by a friend. He has been wanting one for a long time and was totally thrilled! 
                                     And of course, we can't leave out our darling puppies!

Happy fall!

Till next time,