Thursday, December 28, 2017

Christmas Blessings from our home to yours!

Hope each of you had a very Merry Christmas!! We had a lovely day starting with our family tradition of apple dumplings for breakfast and opening gifts.

                                   One gift was special matching aprons for Mom and Laura!
                     Dad gave us a very special gift that was a complete surprise to everyone! He told us to get our coats on and come outside where he pushed this fourwheeler out of the trailer! We were so delighted!! Everyone took turns riding around even though it was freezing cold and very windy outside! 
  Mom's two brothers and their families came over for dinner and the rest of the day. We had a huge meal with more then enough food for everyone. Afterwards everyone settled in small groups to play games including Dutch Blitz, Probe, Rook, Boggle, and puzzles.
Later on, some friends from church, the Hughes, came over and several of us young people gathered to play music together. There were three guitars played by Ezra, David and Luke Hughes, one or two violins played by Charity and Luke, Pearl on the piano, Nathaniel did a great job of accompanying on the panflute and I played along on my harp. We played songs like "Silent Night", "Jingle Bells" and "O Holy Night". We made lots of noise and had a wonderful time!!

Saturday, December 16, 2017

Oh there's no place like home for the holidays...

There's been huge changes in the air since the last time I've posted! We've once again changed our address and are now living in PA in the same general area as before! It came up much faster then we expected but we felt the Lord clearly leading us in this next step and we took the plunge, moving in just 6 weeks after deciding. We've now been here exactly two weeks and are starting to feel like we are "home".   Here are some pictures of our new house and farm. We have plenty of room and we love visitors so if you are in the area, please drop by!!

 This picture is the most recent with the scattering of snow on the ground but the pictures below with the green grass are from a few weeks ago. =)

       We did a little remodeling including tearing out some awful carpet and laying a solid floor as well as painting.  The boy cousins helped us tremendously whether putting in flooring, pulling staples or just playing the piano to cheer us on. =)
                               Of course, we have to take a break every now and then too.....
                                                         Moving in the piano!
  Moving back to PA meant leaving our pretty little cow and calf behind! =( Thankfully we were able to find them a happy home soon before we left.
        We were very happy to be able to buy this 18 ft. trailer to haul our belongings in and it has made our move much easier!
 So many details worked out just perfectly for this move which made us feel the Lord's blessing every step of the way. One such detail was that just a couple months before this decision to move, we had been blessed with the addition of our large van which had the hauling capacity to easily haul our belongings in the trailer so we didn't have to purchase or borrow a pickup truck.
A few days after moving in, Dad and the boys decided to clear out the old cellar and in so doing, created this mess as a lawn ornament. =) 

The boy cousins greatly helped us by unloading our trailer with Mom looking on and supervising. =)

Just a couple days before the move, I was very excited to take the test and get my driver's license!! 

     We enjoyed being a part of our church's Christmas program this year. In the picture above, the children are acting out the Christmas story while the choir softly hums "Oh Come Little Children" ending up with the children joining the choir to sing the verses.
          They started out the program with the all the youth and children walking down the front aisle carrying candles and singing "Once in Royal David's City".
    The concert also featured, Ringspiration, my two uncles and their family's hand bell choir.
    At a store on our trip, Caleb found this pillow all on his own and proudly brought it to show Dad!

 At our new house, a cousin, Rose Lucas from Colorado who was in for a visit to PA, plays farmopoly with the little ones.
Mom and her sister, Iva, playing Christmas duets and having a fun time in the process! =) 

Hope this finds you all doing well and staying warm in this chilly time of year! Many wishes for a very Merry Christmas!!