Saturday, February 24, 2018

Our Valentine's Banquet

   Each winter our church hosts a special dinner for the local couples and this year Mom and a friend, Cheryl Burkholder, were on the planning committee. They spent hours discussing plans and deciding on decor and menu. We youth girls helped them with whatever we could!

               We even enlisted the aid of the boys to wood-burn the couple's initials onto wood slices.
                    Ethan's buddy, Kit, wasn't too thrilled about me taking pictures of them. =)
                                               Cheryl penciling on the initials for the boys.

The special evening was planned for Saturday night, so that afternoon Cheryl, Mom and all of us youth girls assembled at the hall we had rented, to set up, decorate and prepare the food. We split up into two teams- one for decorating and one for food prep. I was on the cooking team but it was fun to slip my head in the door every now and then check up on the progress of the decorating. I think everyone did a fantastic job and the decor was beautiful!!! #KariYoder #CandaceMorley #Mom

 In the kitchen, the food prep team cut huge blocks of cheese into tiny hearts to layer with the heart shaped crackers on the appetizer table.
                         Charity washed several pounds of grapes to put with the other fruit.
  I had softened butter earlier that morning and cut it into little heart shapes to eat with the rolls and here my cousin, Bethany, and I are spooning jelly into containers.
              Three cousins are busily assembling the chocolate pudding/oreo/coffee desserts in little cups.

  A kind lady from our church brought these darling heart shaped cookies to grace our appetizer table!

                                                                   The appetizers!

                                                          Raspberry punch!!! Delicious!!

       The next few pictures are of some of the decor we used. They had a Woodland theme with rustic logs, birch trees, candles, birds and little deer to create a "woodsy" feel!

                                              My fellow photographer! #tasha #camerafun

 I had never attempted to make a "real" cheesecake before, but I was asked to bring raspberry cheesecakes to the dinner so I decided to take the plunge!! I'm  glad I did!! To make sure I didn't make any "bloopers", I baked a trial cake a couple days ahead which my family devoured and proclaimed "delicious"!
The finished product complete with Oreo crust and raspberry topping!
(Photo credit #PearlMorley)

                         We girls gathered in the kitchen while the adults ate, to eat our own dinner!
 After the meal was over, a few of us girls provided some special music. Andrea, Charity and I played a string trio arrangement of "Be Thou My Vision" with Natasha on the piano.
 After that piece, six of us sang a ladies trio "Beautiful Savior" with Pearl accompanying on the piano.
                                                  And to end the amazing parents!!

Monday, February 5, 2018

Winter Wonderland!

 I know it's past Christmas and I'm seriously getting ready for Spring and all that, but I still love snow. It's so pretty and white and fluffy and, well.....cold. I still like it! :)
  We got a surprise snow fall yesterday and after dinner, all of us children went walking through the fields enjoying the snow and each other.

Ethan's birds trying to stay warm in this chilly weather!

All dressed up!

 First a stop to visit the cows.... We have a heifer barn on the farm here and Ethan and Dad do the chores for our land owner.
                                                                 Trying to catch up.....
Oh wait....she's taking pictures. 

                                    A view of the farm from the fields behind the property.
                                                                  Yep, we do eat snow. :)
                                            Our baby who is growing up waaay too fast!!!

                                     Sissy's arms were made just for when little legs get tired. :)

 Hope everyone else is staying warm!! Thank God for coal stoves!!!! 

Random Life

 Yep, even here life is sometimes just random. Randomly busy that is. Always busy, it seems.

 Dad and a friend took a trip out to MO last week to finish siding our house back there. Here is a picture of the back of the house after they were finished. They even took the back and side decks off. What an improvement!
 One evening while Dad was gone, our oven gave out so Uncle Elon kindly came over to check things out. Caleb was offering his willing advice. It ended up being only an electrical problem that could be fixed, thankfully!! (Our stove top had literally blown up just a few days before so we were expecting the worst case scenario with the oven. =))
 Caleb is riding a tricycle around while the church young people are playing at our Volley Ball night.
                                          Lining up to be counted off for Volley ball games.

                                       Serving hot Chai tea to everyone  at girl's meeting. =)
Sunday dinner as a family. =)