Friday, March 9, 2018

Caleb's Birthday and random life =)

                         Our Caleb turned 3 years old a couple days ago! Our baby is growing up!

                                                      We had banana splits to celebrate!

                         We hid his biggest present under a blanket for obvious reasons.... =)
                                                                 It's a........Tricycle!!!

                                             Daddies are for helping little boys on trikes!

  He also got a little cart so he can be pulled around behind the trike! Everyone had to try out the new wheels, even dad! Well, ok, not all of us... I just took pictures. =)

                          Opening presents from Grandma....two guesses as to what they are? =)

          My gift to him was a set of linking Melissa and Doug floor puzzles. He loves puzzles and especially anything with police cars and ambulances and helicopters on them!

On one of the beautiful sunny days lately, we cleaned out our flower beds and raked up the old leaves.
                   My big Bouvier, Princess, follows me around everywhere...even outside working!

 Ethan came up with a "faster" way of transporting the wheelbarrow to the burnpile...until after he got started and the wheelbarrow tipped and dumped the entire load which actually created more work. =)

                 Our project for the week was ripping a wall out to enlarge the dining room.
  As the men tore out the sheetrock, they discovered beautiful real, old fashioned wood paneling on the walls!! That was exciting!
                                    Our Dining room before it get's its fresh coat of paint. =)

                                         Dad is using a steamer to peel the wallpaper glue.

Well, that's all for now!
Till next time,