Thursday, May 31, 2018

Susanna is a Senior!!

           Although I've looked forward to it for many years, it is hard for me to believe that I am actually graduating this year! I always thought graduating was for grown up people!!! =) I have always loved school and I look forward to continuing my education beyond high school but it does feel good to have this milestone behind me!


                    Thanks to Aunt Julie for taking my senior pictures! She did a fantastic job!

Vacation and family fun!!

  In late April/early May, we were blessed to take a 9 day vacation out to Missouri as a family! It was a wonderful time of relaxing and enjoying time together!!

  I know it was a whole month ago but I haven't gotten around to posting pictures till now. =) I'll let the pictures tell the story...

               We grabbed a quick picture in front of these beautiful flowers at a rest stop on our way out.

         The boys were tired of sitting in the vehicle and stopped to do some push ups on a picnic table!

 We stayed in IL the first night and headed a couple hours the next morning to the St. Louis Zoo.
                                            Riding on the mini railroad is always a highlight!

                                                                Riding the carousel!

                        We took a couple days to just work around our house and property there!

                             And of course, we took an evening to hang out with the Geise family!

                                       Selfie with Shoshanna, Antonie, Titus and Ezra Geise

              Sunday evening we took a walk around our favorite park, Meremac Spring Park. 
        And we found this darling "jack-in-the-pulpit" there, named for obvious reasons. =)

  The next morning we drove to Springfield MO and took in the huge, brand new aquarium which is part of the Bass Pro complex there. 

The aquarium was stunning and definitely the most incredible world class exhibit we've ever seen! They had many live animals besides the huge aquariums swarming with tropical fish, stingrays, and sharks. There were real flamingos, alligators, black bears, and huge crabs just to name a few! 
 This incredible exhibit of jelly fish was one of our favorites! Aren't jellyfish an amazing example of God's creation?!
                                           And of course, we had to pose in the shark's mouth....

 Above are the adult alligators and below the family is reaching into the huge tank to try to pet one of the many stingrays swimming around in there.

      Bass pro also opened up at the same time as the aquarium, a large Historic museum. It's hard to describe in words so you'll just have to check it out for yourselves sometime. =)
                                              Posing in front of the huge American Bison.

                              Catching a picture of the ladies in front of the live penguin exhibit.

Checking out the live penguins! I think penguins are some the most adorable and fascinating animals!

 To top off the day, we attended one of the Johnson family String shows that evening at their small personal theater in Branson. They are a Christian family that play all the string instruments and piano. Even dad joins in on the double bass! They are outstanding musicians and very professional!! For a time while we lived in MO, we had traveled up to take piano and violin lessons from two of their daughters so it was enjoyable getting to see them again!

On the last day there, Dad took the two boys on a kayak trip up the Current river. They loved it and it was the highlight of their trip!

                             Vacations are wonderful but even better is arriving safely home!