Saturday, October 6, 2018

Graduation Day Part 2

 Graduation Day Part 2

  I can't believe how long it took me to send out part 2. This is getting embarrassing!!  I shall endeavor to stay in better touch now! =)

                             The next part of the ceremony was the handing out of diplomas!!!

Uncle Elon was the only father that had graduated a child before so the other dads elected him to go first! Each father said a little something about their daughter and her life and then handed out the diploma! 
                                            Uncle Gabriel had two daughters graduating!

  After the ceremony, everyone was dismissed to go down to the church basement for refreshments and fellowship. We had tables set up down there and finger foods such as cheeseballs, crackers, cookies and drinks.
The four graduates with our speaker, Brandon and Heather Byler and their two children. They had given us each a lantern as a graduation gift. 

Pearl's cap accidentally got left in the wrong vehicle that left early so she had to be "cap-less" in the picture. =)
                                          Caleb so badly wanted to try on my cap and tassel!

                    My amazing parents that helped everything about this day to go so well!
My beautiful sister! 

  It was such a wonderful day and I still look back on that time as an amazing step in my life! Since my graduation, I've taken another step and enrolled as a part time student at Penn View Bible College this fall semester. I'm taking music classes and enjoying every minute of it! The class setting was definitely a new experience for me but I'm very grateful for the opportunity and experience! It's hard to believe my high school days are actually behind me but I'm looking forward to the things God has in store for the days ahead!

  Till next time,