Wednesday, December 12, 2018

Random Life from the past 4 months

  Well, Hello again! It's been way too long since I wrote last so this post may be a bit lengthy. =)

 Dad & Mom celebrated their 20th Anniversary in August and for fun, we all drove over to the church where they got married. We children had never been inside so they had fun explaining and showing the building to us! And of course, we had to grab a few pictures!


                                                              20 years and 6 kids later!
                               This picture was taken in the sanctuary where they were married.

In early September, our family packed up and drove down to South Carolina to see my Grandpa Bradford who was dying. We got to visit him in the hospital and sing to him to cheer his last days! (He died just a few days later)

 From SC, we drove on out to Missouri where we stayed at our house and did some fun activities as a family!

 One of the activities, was attending a local event in our town there called "Timber fun days" and had games, vendors and activities geared around timber and wood products. Above, Ethan is splitting a big log using an axe and wedges. Talk about a way to burn calories!!

                                                                    Our little man!

                          Visiting with Grandpa & Grandma Morley in our house there in MO.

                                 And more visiting with the Geise family on their back deck.

 One of the fun things we took in was a beautiful park/resort made specifically to take golf carts through! You rent the carts and drive them through this absolutely stunning park in the mountains surrounding Branson. It was the highlight of our trip!
                                              Beautiful waterfalls and long covered bridges!

                                            The "guys" golf cart with Laura taking a turn. =)

              We also took rides on a go-cart track as a family. We must really like the "cart" thing. =)

    I had my 18th birthday while we were out there and to celebrate, we toured one of our favorite old fashioned village and heirloom seed store. The place also has an organic, vegetarian restaurant that we love!

                                                  Grandma is a wonderful book reader!!

 On our way home, we got to stop by and visit our cousins! Laura and the little girls loved playing dress up all afternoon!
                       Back at home, we three oldest enjoyed taking bike rides in the summer weather!
                  Our little Laura turned 6 in September!! She's growing into such a sweet girl!

 The last weekend of September, (yes, sorry folks. I'm still in September =0) we were invited to go camping with good friends of ours from NY. They have camped a lot and we never have as a family so they were eager to show us how! We arrived on a Friday night, after dark and in the pouring rain. There was more mud then I've almost ever seen! Within the first five minutes, both Ethan and Jonathan fell and plastered their jeans with mud! Our friends, the Hunters,  thankfully had a camper, which we all piled into, leaving our shoes under the canopy, for some warm food and to  dry out a bit. Later, after the rain slacked off, we ventured out to gather our things and climb into our tents. I discovered that I had left my sneakers sitting under the canopy, yes, but also under the gutter drain. They were sitting with several inches of water and of course, it was the only pair I'd brought. =) We managed to rescue our belongings and tramp into our tents. The parents were all staying in the camper but the boys and girls were sprawled out in two tents. We soon discovered after hearing comments from the boys tent that their roof was leaking badly! And pretty soon, Ethan and their oldest, Daniel, tramped through the mud to pick up the canopy over the picnic table and place it over their tent. It didn't help much and by morning they had inches of water in the tent. We girls stayed nice and dry but it was cold!
                      Morning finally dawned, the sun came out and we had a wonderful time!

                                                          We took long bike rides...
                                                              Played games....
                                            Cooked over the fire....and had a wonderful time!

                 Our church had special meetings, and our family was asked to play some special music.

                                                     Till next time, (and hopefully not so long this time)