Wednesday, February 13, 2019

January means Farm shows and Ice skating!

Hello Friends, 
Hope everyone is staying warm in this colddd weather! 
The month of January was a very full one for us from farm shows and ice skating to college intensives and out-of-state trips! I'm inviting you to join me as I share our month in pictures below. =)

The family attended the Harrisburg PA Farm show where they watched horse pulls, saw exhibits and looked at the animals.

I was unable to go with them because I was at Penn View Bible Institute taking an intense two week class on Music Theory.  In the class with me,  were three cousins so we had a wonderful time learning theory and helping each other!

January seemed to be the month of vehicle breakdowns! Dad was driving along in Harrisburg when he saw his tire suddenly traveling ahead of him much faster then the rest of the car. He crunched to a halt and thankfully no one was hurt in the process!

 On our way home from a program an hour away, our van suddenly began stalling and within minutes we were stranded. But we are very blessed to have dear family members who come out to pick us up and haul us home while the van got picked up by the tow truck! (Thanks, Ezra!)

 Dad took a small crew of boys to MO on a business trip and to do some remodeling on our house at the same time! Here they were working on finishing the basement bedroom.

 The weather turned quite cold, much to everyone's happiness and out came the iceskates! I can't ice skate well but at least I can give everyone watching me a good laugh!
                  Caleb and I are better at cheering the others on, then ice skating ourselves. =)

                               One evening, we collected our friends from near and far (Daniel and Jessica all the way from NY!) and attended a concert where one of the world's greatest Violin players (also a child prodigy) was performing. The music was amazing and it was a fun evening spent with friends!
    We girls got bored while waiting in line and decided to try to take a picture from high above!

                                                               Till next time,

Practice, Programs and People

  Hello Friends!
     Our December was pretty full with hours of practice and programs as well as doing all the "necessary" Christmas traditions and shopping!
                                                Here are a few pictures from our month!

              Charity and Ethan played some Christmas duets as prelude to each of our programs.

                               Dad and Mom are playing their old favorite-- "Oh Holy Night"

 We three ladies played some Christmas music at a ladies dinner at a local restaurant. It was fun coming up with music for three of us to play together! Here Mom and I are playing viola and harp.
 Another big highlight in December was playing for a large live nativity hosted by a local church and held in a big barn. We were given this tiny loft up above the fellowship area, to set up and play in. It was a major squeeze but we managed and played two evenings in a row for 3-4 hours each evening. Thankfully it was warm in the building and we enjoyed sharing our music with the hundreds of people that came through.
    The best part of the weekend though was when two special friends, Daniel and Jessica Hunter, showed up the last evening as a surprise for me!! =)

 On Christmas Eve, we gathered with the Bradford side for finger foods and a gift exchange!

                      Our family tradition of apple dumplings for Christmas morning breakfast.

                                                 Six eager children on Christmas morning!

                                               Happily trying out some of their new gifts!

    Caleb  was trying out the Steinway Grands at a local music store. He's starting out young. :)

For the last few days of December, we traveled to New York where we stayed with friends and gave our final Christmas  concert at my Dad's cousin's church.

                  While there, we spent time visiting with our two great aunts, (my Dad's aunts).

             We also walked around the Almanzo Wilder homestead which is in Malone, NY, right where we were staying. In the above picture, we are standing by the school house. And below, we are in front of the original homestead.

It's a charming place and we love visiting it when we're up there!