Tuesday, August 27, 2019

Summer Recap Part 2

  Well I just discovered that my last blog post only put up half of what I had written originally so I will have to do a new post with "Part 2"!

The rest of our summer was filled with activities such as: 

  •  Going camping at our favorite campground with our "new-to-us-this-year" camper! It was a wonderful couple days filled with cooking over the fire, swatting mosquitoes, wading in the creek, swimming in the lake and just relaxing! 

  •  Going for a ride in my Aunt's "new-to-her" speed boat, on the Susquehanna river!
  There's just nothing like a sunset over the water! 

  •  Husking and freezing 80 dozens ears of corn that a neighbor so generously share with us!

  •  Going to see a new baby girl cousin in the hospital!
  •  Running a lemonade stand at our yardsale this summer. They didn't get a whole lot of business but it was fun and a good experience!
  •  Making flower bouquets with our own homegrown flowers, one of my favorite hobbies!
  • Going horse back riding with a cousin who took the little ones on rides! 
  • Dad and Mom spent the day in Lancaster, PA to celebrate their 21st anniversary! 
  •  We stopped by a little farmette owned by friends of ours. They had a young, tame racoon that the children enjoyed feeding and petting! They also have a little hobby violin shop where we played a couple violins. Something for everyone!

Well, that catches you up on our summer and events! How did your summer go? We always love to hear from you!
  Until next time,

Friday, August 23, 2019

Back To School!

 The children started school this week! I took their back-to-school pictures to celebrate!

Caleb (4 1/2) is in Kindergarten this year! It's the first year to have all the children school age or older.
 Mr. Goofball!

 Miss Laura Grace (6) is in 2nd grade this year! 

Jonathan Karl (9) is in 4th grade! 

 Now we know where Caleb gets it. :) 

Summer Recap Part 1

    It's been awhile since I posted (as usual =) so I thought I would do a quick recap of our summer! It has been full as always, but God has richly blessed us and we're so thankful for another year of life!

 In early June, our family gathered with Bradford relatives for a family reunion in a large cabin on a private lake. It was memory lane for the Bradford's as they had stayed on this lake many summers in their childhood! The lake was magnificent and everyone had fun boating and swimming!

In early July, our family packed up our instruments into our trailer and set off for South Carolina! My Uncle Scott had scheduled two music programs for us down there. During the first service (pictured below), there was an awful storm and we lost power half way through. Which means we had no power to our mics or keyboard. We sang some songs with the audience until my cousin could run for some strong battery lights and then we limped our way through the rest of the service! That was quite an adventure!

We also visited an amazing overlook on top of a mountain down there. You could see South Carolina, North Carolina and Georgia from that one place!

                                                                     With our cousins!

 Our next trip (yes, it does seem like we travel all summer long! =) was to Missouri! Dad, Ethan and I drove out to work on the house and help Grandpa and Grandma Morley. We did things such as painting trim, (above), laying carpet and other finishing work.
 While out there, our car decided to quit working on the way to church. We figured it was the water pump so Monday Dad spent a few hours installing a new one.
I did the cooking for our men and Grandpa & Grandma, and sewed valances for Grandma's living room!

Back at home in Pa, we four girls spent a morning shopping and got specialty doughnuts to take home to our families! (yes, they love us now! :)