Saturday, October 19, 2019

Puppies, parties and practicing!

 I always feel better about myself if I can get my blog-post title words to all start with the same letter. Must be something about my personality. Or where I learned to write. Hmm. :) 

 A litter of 3 week old puppies experiencing grass for the first time! They weren't so sure about it. :)

 Stuart doesn't mind sharing his breakfast with the kitty....

 Caleb loves cuddling with the puppies! 

 Yesss! It's Autumn season again and that means time to dig out the pumpkins and apple cider and start a fire!!!!

 Ethan celebrated his 14th birthday this past week, complete with a lego theme party and an orange marmalade cake! Ethan is a huge blessing around the farm and house and has now passed me (his "big" sister) up in height! We won't mention how far back he became stronger then me! Ha!

And yes, lots of practicing! Seven of the eight of us are now playing two or more instruments and that means looooads of music going on! There are often people playing on both pianos downstairs and two people upstairs playing violin or cello! Lots of noise, but we love it!

Till next time,


Fun in the Sun(set)!

 A few evenings ago, we girls had some fun in the just-chopped corn field behind our house, with our cousins!

 The results...

If you look reeeally hard, you might be able to tell what word we're trying to spell! We won't talk about all the giggles and moving around trying to get it just right. Not sure we ever did quite. :)