Tuesday, January 28, 2020

Christmas Past!

Hello again to all of you! I know we are long past Christmas now, but I thought I would post pictures from our (very) hectic month! We traveled out of state for a week over Thanksgiving and with in a few days of arriving home, we were sharing our music in multiple venues across the state.  I'll let the pictures below tell the story!

 Thanksgiving dinner with Grandpa & Grandma Morley at our other home next door to them, in Missouri! 

 Grandma's stories are the best! 

 We brought our keyboard along so practice could continue, but somehow the stand failed to make it onto the trailer! So we "improvised"! :)

 Our mom's sister and family joined us for the holiday weekend and the men's project was to move the basement stairway and tear out the area where the old stair way was!

 Caleb peels apples back at home in PA, for apple pies! 

One of my friends came for a weekend and since we are both harpists, we had to take a picture. :) 

 And then the fun began! We played 14 times in 16 days or so. 

 We would get into a variety of situations where we struggled to get all our gear and instruments on the platform. But we always managed somehow and just tripped over mic chords and violin stands and tried not to look too unpracticed! :)

 This Christmas season, for their first time, Jonathan and Laura joined us on our string songs! Jonathan playing a 1/2 size violin and Laura on a 1/4. They did a lovely job of carrying the melody on "The First Noel".
 Another friend of mine came to help babysit and cheer us on and she even matched the group! 

 The four middle children recited a series of verses including the Christmas story and entwining the gospel at the end.

 We three ladies sang a trio about the wise men, called "When They Saw the Star, They Rejoiced with Exceeding Great Joy".

Our final weekend found us playing 3 hours each evening on a Friday and Saturday for our church's large live nativity! I don't have very many pictures of the event, but we were a bit crowded in the balcony playing for the guests who came through underneath us to drink hot chocolate and warm up around the wood stove. It was such a wonderful experience and an opportunity to reach up to a thousand people over the two days! We trust our music could penetrate into hearts and bless and minister to those who heard. We can't always follow up and see the results, but we trust the Lord to water whatever seeds we can plant! 

Part 2 coming soon....