Friday, May 31, 2019

Catching up!

  In March, I hosted a surprise Birthday party in "Anne of Green Gables style"  for Charity's 16th birthday! I set up for the party in our camper so I could do it without her noticing! 

 ~~The Food~~ 

~~The Fellowship~~

I had fun making a strawberry chocolate cake for her, even if it didn't turn out looking ready for a pinterest picture. :)

   Also in March, I was asked to play viola in a string quartet which would be playing at a fundraiser for Penn View Bible Institute. That was an enjoyable experience and I loved getting to help my school! The event was called a "Black Tie banquet and concert" and consisted of, you guessed it.... a banquet and concert!

The Bradford children on Easter Sunday! 

 Our family traveled to Missouri and Illinois over Easter vacation to visit Grandpa & Grandma Morley and to share our music in several programs. At one of those programs, we met this dear older lady that wanted her picture taken with us!
                        While we were at our house in MO, we worked on landscaping and mulching.
                         We also planted Grandma's flower beds and mulched them for her!

 In May, some of our family attended a Trump Rally near us in Pennsylvania! There was estimated to be around 10,000 people there and it seemed like the lines would never end! Of course, we didn't get a good view of the president but we were right beside the runway when the President's plane flew in! Everyone was thrilled about that!

I just finished my music classes at Penn View, and took a picture with my two lovely cousins who were in my classes! I couldn't have asked for better fellow students!

In late May, Charity and I along with a couple friends and four cousins, participated in Lyrica Sacra Choir and Orchestra--the same group we've helped in for 5 years now. Charity played first violin and I played viola. It was a great experience as always! We met new people and we hope our music was a blessing to all those who heard it!

Friends and cousins in concert together!

Hanging out with friends on our front porch and enjoying the summer weather!

                    Well, this gives you all a little update on our lives in the last couple months!
Happy Summer!

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