Thursday, September 12, 2019

Yellowstone Highlights!

Our family had a tremendous few days in Yellowstone National Park and I thought I would post some of our highlights along with a favorite place of each member of the family!

Mom's favorite were the majestic mountains and vast scenery!

 Looking out over the huge sulfur springs. 

The sulfur springs and mud volcano were Dad's favorite! 

The Lower Yellowstone Falls was Charity's favorite! 

 We hiked down a very steep mountain to look over this beautiful water fall!

 The Yellowstone River snaking its way through the Yellowstone Canyon. 

 The Canyon was Susanna's favorite!

 The Buffalo were Caleb's favorite! 
 We passed multiple bison walking down the road. One time, they even held traffic up for several minutes as a whole herd tried crossing.

 Caleb posing in front of Mammoth Springs, a large area with hot springs. 

 The hot, mineral rich water carves these amazing terraces! 

 Laura loved the Elk and their babies best!

Just below the springs, a herd of elk decided to hang out in a yard! The rangers were keeping busy trying to get the crowds of people to stay far enough back!
In front of an overlook and water fall in the northern section of the park, almost to Montana.

We drove up to the Montana border so we could say we've been in the state of Montana! In all, we counted up and we've been in six new states this trip that we children have never been in! Including... Wisconsin, Minnesota, South Dakota and Wyoming.

The Waterfalls were Ethan's favorite too! 
This is the Upper Falls on the Yellowstone River.  

Somebody offered to take our family picture in front of this mountain overlook!

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