Saturday, December 7, 2019

First of the season!

Yes indeed, the first Christmas program of 2019 is now history! Hopefully not categorized with the horror section of the history books. We are not perfect by any stretch, but our heart's desire is to spread Christmas cheer into each and every heart this season! Not just a momentary smile, although that is desired as well, but a lasting cheer that will guide them throughout the year!

 For the first time, I forgot my harp stool!! So after quickly trying out a couple chairs which were too low, mom suggested using an upturned bell case! It was a little high but certainly better than nothing!

 Waiting for his song! 

 Laura plays "Jesus Loves Me"

 Selfie time after the service!

 Our second program was at a local decor store/coffee shop having their annual Christmas open house! We provided music for the shoppers for around three hours. The backdrop was festive and cheery!
A friend came to entertain the little ones and cheer us on!