Saturday, June 27, 2020

Life in the spring!

Despite the rest of the country closing down for Covid, it seemed like life stayed just as busy (almost) as usual for the Bradford family!
  We brought our sweet Willow, a lovely Jersey cow due to calve in a month, home in April and a few weeks later, we found a beautiful, chocolate calf in the pasture!

Sweet baby Maple!

Planting flowers!
Lots of willing helpers to carry fence boards.

I purchased my first vehicle, an SUV, this spring only to have it stall the next day at an intersection. The engine had blown up (yes, you heard that right!). It was a bit of fiasco to get that taken care of but thankfully it wasn't as bad as it could have been and everyone was safe!

We girls worked on a large scrapbook project for our Grandmother for Mother's day! It is always more fun to scrapbook when you can make a huge mess... :)

Listening to Uncle Elon read a story!

We took a couple days to relax and refresh this spring at a new campground near us.

Finally getting our music room arranged and set up. It isn't finished yet, but it's getting there!

Laura's cat had a litter of kittens who were given much love and attention!

Jonathan helped to sew and hang this patriotic bunting!

Happy Summer to all of you!

Graduations and Moving days!

In May, a few from our family were privileged to be able to attend the college graduation of two cousins from Penn View Bible Institute.

The three of us at my aunt's house, dressed up for commencement.

Ezra Morley (Valedictorian) and Crystal Lucas!

There were so many Morley cousins present for the occasion that we had to snap a picture!

Party time for the Graduates!

Following the graduation, a number of the girls gathered to pack shoe boxes for Operation Christmas Child. We packed a total of 200 in around 2 hours.

Creating an assembly line for efficiency!

The other wonderful occasion in May was the moving day of our Uncle and family from PA to a house they purchased about 5 minutes away from us here! We were so happy to help them unpack the truck and settle in and we love having them for neighbors!

Helping to paint their cabinets before moving in.

Just a few weeks later, another Uncle and family, also from PA,  packed up their belongings and moved a few miles away, making us all very happy!

Now as we gather together for singing and worship with our nearby family, we feel extremely blessed!

Until next time,

Easter Recap!

   Happy Summer everyone! I found this blog post sitting in my drafts because of some computer trouble last month so it is a bit late but here are some pictures of our Easter weekend in April!

Our family at a scenic mill we walked around on Easter Sunday.

All the Morley cousins visiting us for the weekend!

We were still enduring the shutdown due to coronavirus so we had church at home. Here the youngest children are sitting watching the online service!

Laura and her cousins, Elisabeth and Lydia!

Best friends!

Caleb and his buddies, Matthew and Josiah.

More updates and pictures from our family, coming soon!

Monday, April 6, 2020

The Homestead Is Growing!

Yes, our little 4 acres is growing by leaps and bounds! Everything is turning lush and green and garden work has commenced!

 This was my first year to grow tulips and I just love being able to pull beautiful flowers from the garden right at a time when everyone is so eager for spring to arrive!

 We recently found an ad on Facebook for a free swing/play set if we could move it off the property. The men went to pick it up and are working on assembling it now. The children can't wait for it to be finished!
 Caleb reads a book while holding our very round mother cat. She "blessed" us with 6 adorable babies a couple days later! Laura is thrilled! 

 Caleb walks beside Dad wishing he was old enough to run the tiller. 

 Ohh, wait! Maybe he is old enough! With plenty of supervision from Dad of course! 
 Planting potatoes

 I always have lots of willing helpers when it comes to planting time! Afraid they might not be so willing in a couple months when it is weeding time!! Here they are planting Gladioli bulbs.

 Some people love to read so much that they bring books along to garden time for those stray minutes when they can snatch a few words! 

 The family went cow shopping a few days ago and came home instead with a .... baby goat! They had just fallen in love with the kid goats and brought this 1 month old Alpine girl home! The children love her to pieces and she follows them everywhere!

 Ethan got a delivery of  30 chicks in the mail to add more feathers to our flock! 

Palm Sunday morning, we gathered with Grandpa & Grandma Morley and our two cousins living with us right now, for a little service and hymn sing.

In this time of uncertainty, how wonderful to know that we don't need to be afraid or fearful because we know the One who holds tomorrow! 

Blessings to all, 

Monday, March 30, 2020

Social Distancing -- Family Style!

  We are very thankful that the coronavirus has not been found in our immediate area yet, however our schools and churches and a few stores are still closed down. So, this makes a perfect chance for family time!

 Ally Springs & Mill in Emminence, Missouri. 
We hiked up a 1.5 mile trail where we could overlook the beautiful mill and spring. 

 It's pretty hard for a family of 8+1 (our cousin is living with us right now while he starts a new job here in MO) to stay at the proper social distance from one another!

 Of course the boys had to dangerously perch over the river! 

Happy Spring!

There is just nothing like beautiful spring weather and blooming flowers to lift the low spirits right now!

Last week, we celebrated Charity's 17th birthday! She wanted a garden theme and I  was able to pick a huge bouquet from Grandma's massive daffodil patch!

 Sweet Charity with Grandma!

 Her special dinner! 

The weather has been delightful and warm so we took a picnic to the lake and then hiked around it. 

 These two little ones are loving the fresh air and warm temperatures! Caleb has already been begging to go barefoot! :)

Thursday, March 12, 2020

Bradford's on the Move!

Yes, the Bradford family is on the move again! After living in Central PA for a little over 2 years, we felt the Lord clearly leading us to move back to our home in Southern Missouri, near our grandparents. The family moved out the first of March and I stayed behind to clean, pack for the next load and finish some business.

The men came to help us move our extremely heavy grand piano!

The first load included the family in the van, pulling the camper. A cousin followed behind them, driving our SUV and cargo trailer full of furniture.

While they were gone, I kept plenty busy but was also able to spare a few hours to go on a hike with more cousins!

We'll miss these sweet girls! 

Loading up!

Dad and Ethan came back the next week and we spent a couple days filling up another trailer load. We started out early in the morning on Friday for Missouri! But, about 20 miles from home, heading into the mountains, our transmission began to give out and we realized we would never make it. Thankfully we were so close to home and could turn around, borrow a big van and set out once again! Above is our "new rig" on our way West!

I followed behind Dad in my own car and my sweet dog, Chloe, was my traveling buddy for the 20 hour drive!

We are always very happy to see the St. Louis arch rising in the distance! That means we are only 2 hours from home!

We are very happy to be living near our dear Grandparents again and we love visiting them often! 

Blessings on your week,