Thursday, March 12, 2020

Bradford's on the Move!

Yes, the Bradford family is on the move again! After living in Central PA for a little over 2 years, we felt the Lord clearly leading us to move back to our home in Southern Missouri, near our grandparents. The family moved out the first of March and I stayed behind to clean, pack for the next load and finish some business.

The men came to help us move our extremely heavy grand piano!

The first load included the family in the van, pulling the camper. A cousin followed behind them, driving our SUV and cargo trailer full of furniture.

While they were gone, I kept plenty busy but was also able to spare a few hours to go on a hike with more cousins!

We'll miss these sweet girls! 

Loading up!

Dad and Ethan came back the next week and we spent a couple days filling up another trailer load. We started out early in the morning on Friday for Missouri! But, about 20 miles from home, heading into the mountains, our transmission began to give out and we realized we would never make it. Thankfully we were so close to home and could turn around, borrow a big van and set out once again! Above is our "new rig" on our way West!

I followed behind Dad in my own car and my sweet dog, Chloe, was my traveling buddy for the 20 hour drive!

We are always very happy to see the St. Louis arch rising in the distance! That means we are only 2 hours from home!

We are very happy to be living near our dear Grandparents again and we love visiting them often! 

Blessings on your week,

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